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Double A
Double A
Double A
Double A
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Double A

Black Bag Coffee Co
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Rich, Delicious and Smokey.

Double A is a deep, rich, blend of Asian and African beans, to which we add Monsoon Malabar beans to balance the overall flavour profile. Double A has bags of crema and leaves you with an almost never-ending finish of chocolate, toffee and smoky spice.

Designed as an espresso, Double A is a great all-rounder. In milk it will make an exceptional latte or cappuccino but works well as a filter coffee, cafetière coffee or in the aeropress.

Origin: Asia \ Africa \ Malabar
Process: Natural \ Washed
Brew Temp: 195°F - to - 205°F

  • Royal Mail/DPD Tracked 
  • From roast to your doorstep in 3 - 5 working days. (Could be slightly longer depending on the current climate)

About the beans

Just like the continent itself, African beans are as exotic as the territories they come from. Typically, the beans are dry processed and infused with bags of natural flavours like cherry and mucilage. African coffees are characterised by big body enhanced by a strong sweetness. Flavours from Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kenya are often fruity and floral. acidities may register anywhere between a nice full-bodied merlot or a tannic breakfast tea.

Asian Coffees are the heavyweight notes in Double A.  Heavy, musty and full bodied these beans capture the very climate in which they grew – oceanic atmospheres, volcanic soils and constant, perfect sunlight.

If you don’t already know, the Monsoon Malabar bean (or Monsooned Malabar) derives its name from the way the beans are processed. Following the harvesting of the beans, they are kept until monsoon season when the stage doors are thrown open and the seeds are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for around four months. This causes  the beans to swell and eventually lose their acidity, resulting in a flavour profile with a virtually neutral pH balance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Best coffee we have discovered so far - and great customer service

Thanks so much for the feedback. Makes it all more worthwhile :-)
Do get a subscription if you want to save a few bob and have it delivered monthly
Thanks from James

Seb Maher

Great coffee, absolutely delicious, well balanced. Double A is my favourite.
Love it.

Hi Seb
So pleased you like the coffee ;-)
feel free to subscribe to a regular thing.

James Oladujoye
Its not fair

I honestly buy our own coffee. I work at Blackbag, so it wouldn't be fair to give feedback. Who am i kidding - it's AWESOME!!
My favourite is the most popular blend which is Double A. I use a barista coffee machine and an Aeropress.

Jayne Gabriel

Great coffee great device , used a few providers before been good but this company is one I am staying put with

James Johnson
Give it a go

Hit the spot, a superb blend. Not difficult to get right. I used V60 filter, cafetiere and stovetop Moka pot. Was great in all. Next is the Turkish/Greek Cezve. The company's delivery was good too. I'm moving away from other retailers because corners are being cut and why waste time and money on faff, gimmicks or old glory. Thank you BBCC


James what a fantastic review. Thank you :-)