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Double A


Rich, Delicious and Smoky. Double A is a deep, rich, blend of Asian and African beans, to which we add Monsoon Malabar beans to balance the overall flavour profile. Double A has bags of crema and leaves you with an almost never-ending finish of chocolate, toffee and smoky spice. Designed as an espresso, Double A is a great all-rounder. In...



Dark Roasted Deep Expresso. Similar to a French roast but roasted at an even, higher temperature to give an unmistakeable espresso kick. A mix of Southern and Central American beans are blended. to achieve a traditional Italian espresso deep roast flavour. Italia produces an excellent and visibly rich crema perfectly suited for espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.     Origin: AfricanProcess:...

Coffea Canephora


"Seriously STRONG coffee" If you are looking for a good value strong caffeine hit, stronger than what can be achieved from Arabica alone then Coffea Canephora is your best option. Our international multi origin blend carries a high caffeine content, almost double the of Arabica – you will definitely feel this.   Origin: WorldwideProcess: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 91.5 -95.1 °C...

Valentino *Rare Blend*


Rare Sumatra Lintong. Enjoy this rare dark mysterious Toba Sumatra Lintong cultivated on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. It has an exceptional taste, one that truly relates to its volcanic roots. This is an aromatic Smokey, Woody and Spicy combination. With little acidity in this coffee, you don’t miss it as the huge body makes up for it and...