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About Us

About Us

(So we should have got a copywriter to do this apparently. Hey ho!).

So we usually supply our coffee in bulk to a whole host of big customers who want good quality coffee, but obviously this COVID thing has stopped that for a while. So, we thought we’d give this ‘selling direct to the public’ thing a go.

As you can tell from this fiasco of a website, we’re still learning, and to be honest it’s a bit of a faff. All that posh logo, fancy packaging, cool dudes in bespoke aprons, beards and tattoos, just isn’t us. We do have a few beards and tattoos around the place, but to be honest they’re a bit of a poor show, and Debbie’s a bit shy. Well, more miserable to be perfectly honest.

What is us though, is producing good coffee. That’s what we do really well, and have done for a long time. And we say good because we had a look around and everyone seems to say their coffee is great, or fantastic, or exceptional, or extraordinary. Well, obviously that’s for you to decide. So why not try something without all the fuss and nonsense - some good coffee?

And did we mention it comes in a black bag?