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8x Blend Coffee Tasting Kit

8x Blend Coffee Tasting Kit

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If you want to spoil yourself or someone special this is a really easy way to do it! 

Experience the full range of flavours and strengths, all quaffable but all very different. From the smooth tones of Double A to the silkiness of Santa Barbara and the "pick-me-up" that Canephora delivers. Choose your favourite blend or blends and we would be happy to ship those to you (or a friend) on a regular basis using the subscription option. In the box you get:

1) Double A 200g. Deep & rich, Asian & Africa with added Monsoon Malabar
2) Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica Earthy 200g. Full body with ripe fruit & cocoa
3) Italia 200g. Southern and Central American espresso kick
4) Italia Plus 200g. Five beans; Monsoon Malabar, Sumatra Lintong, Toba & Ethiopian Mocha
5) South AM 200g. Bright & fruity pairing. Central & South American single-origins, plus Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah
6) BCR Decaf 200g. Fresh-tasting Brazilian & Colombian Arabica with a hint of Robusta
7) Coffea Canephora 200g. Mostly Robusta almost double the caffeine of Arabica – you will definitely feel this
8) Santa Barbara 200g. *Limited Edition* Gorgeous all arabica blend. Central America for a smooth mouth feel & Ethiopia with higher acidity to provide a long bittersweet finish




Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great service, even better coffee

I’ve made a few orders from here for my aero press and it’s always spot on.

Thank Ryan. So glad you like the coffee :-)

Lorraine Frost
8 bags of coffee - what more can I want

I have bought this mixed bag twice now. Fabulous mixture of different flavours. It is a great way to try new blends and enjoy old favourites. Easy to purchase and received so quickly.

Thank you Lorraine. So pleased you like the coffee :-)

kelvin Phillips
8 -bag offer

So far so good, on the 8-bag offer. Only been able to drink my way through 2 bags so far. Loving the ease of the Aero press system, very easy to set up and super easy to clean.

A note on the front page about the choice of grind - which is available on the purchase page, would have made my life easer during the ordering.

Once I finish the 8-bags and have worked out which coffee I like I will be back to order more.

Rajinder N
Good coffee

Bought an aeropress and 3 bag offer back in march and really enjoyed it, great customer service when i forgot to select the right grind
Have come back for the 8 bag offer, easy to order and delivered promptly, only tried the Santa Barbara so far which is nice
Just one suggestion for improvement would be to allow the buyer to select which coffees he could have in the tasting kits when ordering

Hello Rajinder thank your for your suggestion. I shall set our resident geeks on this one - great idea! hit me up for a discount code on your next order :-) Any other suggestions ?

Colin Jackson
Great coffee, great value for money

I'm really impressed with the quality and love the coffee.