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Italia Plus


Good? Fuhgeddaboudit! Italia plus takes our Italia blend to the next level and is one of our most complex roasts semi- circumnavigating the world in its conception. Bringing together five different beans including; Monsoon Malabar, Sumatra Lintong Toba and Ethiopian Mocha, Italia Plus touches India, Indonesia, Africa and more.    Origin: South AmericaProcess: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F -...

South Am


Bright and Fruity Expresso. This is a bright and fruity pairing of Central, South American single-origins, plus Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah beans.    Origin: South America \ EthiopiaProcess: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F - to - 205°F   - Royal Mail/DPD Tracked  - From roast to your doorstep in 3 - 5 working days. (Could be slightly longer depending on the current...

Limited Edition Colombian Supreme


Limited Edition Medium Roast Coffee Single Source Colombian Premium quality Arabica beans grown at high altitudes and processed naturally, by hand. Columbian Supreme has a fine balance and full body flavour for those who seek equilibrium in their cup. Serving Suggestions: Drink at any time of day or evening Origin: Medellin Process: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F - to - 205°F  ...

Santa Barbara *Limited Edition*


Limited Edition Arabica from Ethiopia and Central America. This gorgeous blend of Coffea arabica from two continents is our most exceptional blend. Central America arabica delivers the smooth mouth feel, whilst the Ethiopian arabica with its notably higher acidity provides a long bittersweet finish. Origin: Central America\ Ethiopia Process: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F - to - 205°F   -...

Blue Mountain (St. Andrew Roast) Blue Mountain (St. Andrew Roast)

Blue Mountain (St. Andrew Roast)

£60.00 £39.00

Full Bodied Rich Aroma (Single Origin). "The best coffee I've ever tasted" Full-bodied vibrant acidity that delivers a rich aroma with a smooth delicate taste. Grown at elevations over seven thousand feet Blue Mountain coffee is the world's highest mountain grown coffee! This is 100% single origin from the parish of St. Andrew.  Origin: Jamaica (St. Andrew) Process: Natural \...

Diriamba (Single Origin)


"Seriously delicious coffee, my go to morning coffee" A balanced clean profile roasted in light to medium conditions to emphasise the crisp clean acidity and well-rounded cup. Taste the macadamia nuts, chocolate, and some woody sweetness. Overall, a lovely easy drinking coffee.   Origin: Nicaragua Process: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F – to – 205°F - Royal Mail/DPD Tracked ...



"Tried a few different coffee companies, this is deffo my favourite" Very strong bean that can blow your socks off, but without bitterness or being highly roasted. It's a rich, strong and weighty coffee experience. Grown in the Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea at 1,600m. Varietal: Various, including Jamaican Blue Mountain Origin: Papa New Guinea Process: Natural \ Washed Brew...

TI-AMO *Limited Availability*


Special Tri-Continent Blend. A secret combination of 5 beans from 3 continents delivering a smooth rich aroma. This exquisite blend is specially created for those special occasions. Ideal for Cafetieres, espresso machines and filter coffee makers. Roasted at a medium-high temperature, it creates a tongue-tingling cup of coffee. Perfect with or without milk and it makes an exceptional latte.  ...