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Brazilian Bourbon *Limited Edition*


Limited Edition Single Source Brazil Chocolate, Hazelnut, Citrus A magical blend of Yellow & Red Bourbon. You get an intense aromatic taste of molasses and chocolate with a hint of spiciness and citrus. Brazilian Bourbon is a unique combination of chocolate-covered fruit with a touch of spice & caramel sweetness. Patio dried, the fruit acids unfold to create a full-bodied cup,...

Santa Barbara *Limited Edition*


Limited Edition Arabica from Ethiopia and Central America. This gorgeous blend of Coffea arabica from two continents is our most exceptional blend. Central America arabica delivers the smooth mouth feel, whilst the Ethiopian arabica with its notably higher acidity provides a long bittersweet finish. Origin: Central America\ Ethiopia Process: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F - to - 205°F   -...

Brazilian Sweet *Limited Edition*


Limited Edition Single Source Brazil Mandarin, Caramel, bittersweet Chocolate This complex and beautifully bright coffee delivers a delicate floral and slightly citrus hint that emerges as the coffee develops in the cup. This Patio dried roast with a sweet citrus-like acidity produces a coffee that glistens with the flavour of sweet mandarin, rich dark chocolate, and caramel. The finish is filled...

TI-AMO *Limited Availability*


Special Tri-Continent Blend. A secret combination of 5 beans from 3 continents delivering a smooth rich aroma. This exquisite blend is specially created for those special occasions. Ideal for Cafetieres, espresso machines and filter coffee makers. Roasted at a medium-high temperature, it creates a tongue-tingling cup of coffee. Perfect with or without milk and it makes an exceptional latte.  ...