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Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica


Big Bodied. Earthy Nutter. Without doubt, the quintessential coffee. All others walk in its shadow. Earthy, rustic with a full body and bags of ripe fruit and cocoa, Ethiopian Djimmah’s character is as unique as its natural habitat. Growing at an altitude of 1200-1800m above sea level, sheltered from the midday sun by surrounding forest and trees which preserves moist soil...

Tres Rios (Single origin)


Perfectly Balanced A perfectly balanced acidity combined with an aroma that creates an exciting mouth feel. The sweet honey and vanilla bouquet draw you in, then the fruity acidity finishes it off. It has won The Cup of Excellence for the highest quality of coffee produced in Costa Rica. Enjoy! Origin: Costa Rica Process: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F...

Brazilian Bourbon *Limited Edition*


Limited Edition Single Source Brazil Chocolate, Hazelnut, Citrus A magical blend of Yellow & Red Bourbon. You get an intense aromatic taste of molasses and chocolate with a hint of spiciness and citrus. Brazilian Bourbon is a unique combination of chocolate-covered fruit with a touch of spice & caramel sweetness. Patio dried, the fruit acids unfold to create a full-bodied cup,...

Brazilian Sweet *Limited Edition*


Limited Edition Single Source Brazil Mandarin, Caramel, bittersweet Chocolate This complex and beautifully bright coffee delivers a delicate floral and slightly citrus hint that emerges as the coffee develops in the cup. This Patio dried roast with a sweet citrus-like acidity produces a coffee that glistens with the flavour of sweet mandarin, rich dark chocolate, and caramel. The finish is filled...

Akagera (Single Origin)


"Superbly Refreshing" Lively roast with exceptional aromas of chocolate, tobacco, and aniseed. The body is light with a fruity and complex acidity. This is a hidden gem single origin coffee. Origin: Rwanda Process: Natural \ Washed Brew Temp: 195°F – to – 205°   - Royal Mail/DPD Tracked  - From roast to your doorstep in 3 - 5 working days....